http://profitfromtrade.info/42334-buy-hyzaar.html MY SOBER COACH IS NOW HIRSCHMAN CLINICAL SERVICES (HCS).

http://stcharlescommunitycollege.net/75833-elocon-cream-price.html WE’VE ADDED A FEW NEW SERVICES. PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE @ HIRSCHMANCLINICALSERVICES.COM

asthalin inhaler price assume Supporting addicts and alcoholics in overcoming obstacles and pursuing their dreams. A sober coach assists individuals in early sobriety to walk through life’s challenges with courage, strength and hope.

http://www.azteenmagazine.com/63515-buy-celebrex-online.html аppoint A sober coach helps sober people of all ages in building healthier and fuller lives through a combination of: intensive life skills support, crisis prevention, relapse prevention, psycho-education and case management support. Sober coaching sessions are set up to fit each person’s individualized needs.

depo medrol price In addition to coaching addicts and alcoholics, we coach individuals whom primarily have mental health challenges.  We coach individuals with a wide variety of diagnoses, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders and many more.


MSC Welcomes the launch of Sex And Love Addiction Coaching!

MSC welcomes the launch of Sex and Love Addiction Coaching. Gillian Bieler, ASW  will be providing this coaching service to men and women who are challenged with various levels of intimacy issues. She will help create individualized plans to support people in preventing targeted behaviors. For more information contact Michelle @ 888-512-1092. 


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Our parent coaches provide coaching services to parents whom are struggling with setting boundaries, finding it difficult or frustrating in understanding addiction, mental illness, and/or dual diagnosis issues and/or are wanting some guidance in best supporting their loved one during this difficult transition in life.  Parenting coaches provide a lot of psycho-education to parents along with practical feedback that is useful in helping parents communicate better to their family member and take necessary action steps to best support their loved one in recovery. 



This free virtual group will explore roles and relationships within families. Practical skills regarding boundary setting, healthy communication and psycho-education around mental health challenges and/or addiction will be discussed. Parents will be able to get feedback and direction on challenges they are having with their adult children and/or intimate relationships. This group is set up “virtually” for parents who are geographically unable to participate in person, (in Los Angeles), and is utilizing the latest technology via over-sized high definition monitors. The group runs one  Tuesday a month from 5-6pm PST. To find out more info and/or sign up contact Chris@mysobercoach.com